Sef’s on HGTV: Mon @ 9pm

Ellen’s Design Challenge : Meet the Cast

Fri, Jan 1st @ 11 pm ET/8 pm PT


Jan 17th @ 11 pm ET/8 pm PT on HGTV

Ellen’s Design Challenge Premiere
Mondays, starting January 18 @9 pm ET / 6 pm PT on HGTV.

Sef’s on HGTV: Mon @ 9pm

Ellen’s Design Challenge : Meet the Cast

January 1 and January 17 at 11 pm ET / 8 pm PT on HGTV

This is a one-hour special to introduce the competitors, and airs on HGTV at the above times.

Ten furniture designers, hand-picked by Ellen from all over America arrive in Los Angeles for the final phase of casting. The designers must face series host/judges, Christiane Lemieux and Cliff Fong to present their portfolios and a special assignment from Ellen. And there’s a twist that will send the designers reeling.

Ellen’s Design Challenge Premiere

Mondays, starting January 18 at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT on HGTV.
The nine-episode series will feature 10 competitors as they tackle ingenious challenges to sketch, design and build extraordinary furniture to avoid elimination.

The last competitor standing receives a $100,000 cash prize courtesy of and gets to see their work featured in HGTV Magazine.

Season 2 Designers

Vivian Beer | Manchester, NH
Vivian Beer is a furniture designer and business owner in Manchester, New Hampshire. She says her style is modern and that she loves to “push the envelope” with her work by using industrial materials such as concrete and auto body paint. She says she believes her academic background in the Fine Arts allows her to find inspiration in different places, including the arts and crafts community, architecture and even car design.

Bradley Bowers | Miami, FL
Bradley Bowers, a furniture designer and business owner in Miami, says his ultimate design goal is to showcase the innate beauty of the materials he loves, including paper, latex, wood and fiberglass. He describes his design style as “Materialistic” because he is “intrigued by the power and the knowledge that objects possess.”

Julie Browning | Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis-based furniture designer Julie Browning has been designing custom furniture for more than 30 years and has been designing for manufacturers since 2011. Julie, who says she likes to balance eclectic and classic design elements, defines her design style as traditional with an equestrian influence. Most of her pieces incorporate leather straps, carved wood or decorative elements that might be found on a saddle.

Miles Endo | Providence, RI  Miles Endo
Miles Endo was born in Tokyo and raised in Hawaii. As the son of two artists, he says he was drawn to creative pursuits at an early age. He describes his design style as modern with a Japanese influence and enjoys working with different types of woods and metals, such as steel, bronze, brass and cast iron. Miles specializes in custom furniture, culinary serving boards and Taiko drums, a Japanese percussion instrument.

McKenzie Gibson | Providence, RI
McKenzie is a furniture designer from Providence, R.I. She describes her design style as avant-garde and does not limit herself to traditional furniture norms. Her work has been described as very playful and McKenzie says she wants people to touch and interact with her designs. In addition to working with woods and metals, she says she loves to incorporate various types of rope into her designs.

Kyle Huntoon | Detroit, MI
Kyle Huntoon, a fourth generation woodworker, is a furniture designer and business owner in Detroit, Michigan. He says he is inspired by the clean geometric lines of mid-century modern design and loves to incorporate traditional joinery techniques in his works. He uses a variety of American hardwoods in his designs and specifically likes to work with black walnut—his favorite trees from his great-grandparent’s farm.

Alexis Moran | Orinda, CA
Alexis Moran, a furniture designer and business owner in Orinda, California, describes her design style as modern, but acknowledges that most modern furniture lacks personality. She says she strives to infuse bold character into her designs and loves to showcase special aspects of each piece of material, whether it’s natural or industrial. She finds a lot of beauty in natural materials and composition and typically works in wood and concrete. She also works in glass, metals, and plastics.

Sef Pinney| Los Angeles, CA
Sef Pinney, an L.A.-based furniture designer and business owner, characterizes his design style as modern with Danish and Asian influences. He says he prefers to work with any type of beautiful wood and veneers, as well as industrial materials such as aerospace plywood, aluminum, steel and titanium. Sef says his strength as a designer is his ability to envision and execute complicated, elegant pieces.

Melissa Rivera Torres| Pleasant Hill, CA
Melissa Rivera Torres, a furniture designer from Little Rock, Arkansas, describes her style as modern industrial. She says she loves to use bold colors and fun materials that allow her pieces stand out and make people smile. Melissa says she enjoys working with stainless steel, wood, PVC, Plexiglas, acrylic and aluminum and isn’t afraid to try unconventional ideas—she once transformed a grill into a fully functional office desk.

Dave Yale | San Jose, CA
Dave Yale, a furniture designer from San Jose, describes his style as modern and says he loves geometry, working in 3D design programs and is a master at CAD/3D modeling. He says he is influenced by mid-century modern design and is currently designing a line that infuses classic forms with a wild sense of fun, including unexpected scale, color and materials.