• Type:Side Table, Folding.
  • Ultralight, portable, adjustable
  • Beech, Ash
  • H24” W22” D19”
  • Weight 8 lb


Only the necessary structure remained after six revisions. Can be used for a laptop at your couch as easily as your Wheatgrass Shake or Tom Collins.  Smartly folds flat for storage.  Legs fall into locking position automatically, and can be tightened for a non-floppy experience.



The Epi Side Table was inspired by the generational choice to live in smaller spaces. No, its not just that the economy tanked, its that for this group of people there is a general proclivity to tread more lightly on our dear earth. People you have my heart! This table is there when you need it and not when you don’t making any space both transitional and multifunctional!